MyHive was created with the intention of allowing people to experience the perks of owning a beehive without the burden of maintenance. Adopt your own beehive today and receive these benefits.


Receive 10kgs of pure, high-quality, locally-produced honey every year.


Get live access to your apiary through a remote surveillance to track your beehive and its activity.


There will be three interactive trips to the apiary every year which you can join to visit your beehive and learn more about the process.


Access to educational material on the importance of local honey.


Adopting a hive means you are directly helping to fight the declining numbers of honey bees.


Fill out the form below to receive more information on the process of buying a beehive.


Frequently Asked Questions

01. Where will the hive be located? What kind of bees are concerned?

In Hatta (Dubai exclave) and two other locations near Hatta for seasonal relocation.

The bees are a local breed from Hatta. A crossing between Sascatraz and Apis yementica.

02. How often will the honey be delivered?

There will be three deliveries per year to The Sustainable City which coincide with the honey seasons. Tentative dates are provided below:

  • Sidr: October & November
  • Samar: May & June
  • Ghaf: June & July

03. Can you send an invoice with the relevant details before I make a payment please?


04. What is the process for visiting the hive?

The Sustainable City and ANHB will announce dates for the apiary visits about four weeks in advance. MyHive customers will then receive location details and instructions upon arrival time and program. You will be responsible for your transportation to and from the apiary. Advance booking will be necessary to ensure optimum group sizes.

Similarly, you will have remote access to the apiary through a tracking (remote surveillance) system.

05. What are the benefits of the MyHive programme?

There are three direct benefits:

  • 8-10kgs of pure, monofloral honey per year
  • Remote surveillance of the hives
  • 3 interative tours of the apiary per year.

06. What are my rights and obligations with regards to the subscription?

Once you have completed the payments on time, your only obligation is to collect your honey from The Sustainable City when notified.

07. What is the process of transferring or selling MyHive?

The programme is designed to deliver high-quality honey to end consumers. If, for whatever reason, you wish to exit the programme (e.g. leaving the country), then you may resell the hive back to The Sustainable City at the buying price, calculated on pro rate basis.

08. Can I share MyHive with a neighbour?

Yes. The Sustainable City residents may share a hive with a neighbour. Please note, that there will only be one name associated with each booking. The other (contributing) neighbour will not appear in our records. The main customer will be responsible for all payments.