During the year, the beehives which are usually located in Hatta are moved to two other locations. This is done during the seasonal changes to provide the best chance of pollination for bees and produce the highest quality honey possible.

There are three seasons of honey production which happen in a year. The honey from produced in these seasons tend to have distinctive and differing tastes.

  • Al Ghaf Honey: The Al Ghaf tree is a local desert tree which bears the harsh summers with drought and high temperatures. From the rich flowers, we can produce delicious red colour honey in June and July each year.
  • Sidr Honey: The Sidr tree is an evergreen tree with long and strong forked branches that are connected to the blessing, welfare and generosity. The blossom from this tree is called Yabyab which provides rich food for bees to produce honey in October and November. This honey is the most expensive, but tastiest, type of honey.
  • Samar Honey: The Samar tree trunk, leaves and blossom contains Barm which is the secret of healing and food where you enjoy the best types of honey every year in May and June. It is a historical witness to the life of the Emirati nation which represents the harsh desert and mountain environments.