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Our story

At MyHive, we have a clear purpose of educating and empowering the community on how important bees are. Since 2018, we were able to make small but confident steps towards a more sustainable, bee-friendly environment within our community, by creating a network of passionate bee parents.

Start Saving the Bees, by Adopting a Hive

Our monofloral honey is taken directly from the beehives, collected by our honeybees from local areas (Abudhabi ,Hatta Dubai & Fujairah) and is 100% natural. We package all our honey under sterile conditions without the use of heating or filtration.

Our Program

Myhive® is a unique program that offers the opportunities for everyone in the community to help save the honey bees

Our Goals

Our mission

We provide the unique opportunity to experience the wonders of adoptive beekeeping. Through love of practice and continuous education we strive to integrate honeybees into the Sustainable City model. Bees are essential for our ecosystem, their safety and wellbeing are our top priority at MyHive.

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We are dedicated to educate children and adults about the important role bees play as pollinators of food by accommodating corporate and educational tours and visits.

Raise awareness

Actions big and small can have a positive impact on the bees and their future. Our hope is that each community will come together and make one small change where we can collectively make a difference to our world and to the noble honeybee.

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